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General rules: - Every team/forum chooses their own manager for the team (captains) - The captain is the front member of his team. He should the man who updates the team with the new opponents every week. - Whether forum will send minimum one team and maximum three teams. The captain choose the teammates so one team could be better than others on every forum could. - The chosen captain is obliged to post in a thread so the organizer could be informed about everything, names, steam, etc. too. Choosing teams and teammates: - Forum sends minimum one and maximum three teams - Every team is consisting of three players. - Every team can have their own name, but they will get the forum behind the name like this, Serbian Fighters (Serbian-FM) Competition system: - Teams will be divided in 8 groups, 4 teams in each group - Games will be played like champions league system. - Number of teams depends on the number of participating from every forum. - A team can earn from zero to three points in one game, which means that the result is the total from both games. Example in the bottom. - The two best teams in every group proceed to 1/8 finals. - In the knockout phase the result is the total from both games, away goals will be included. - In the case of a draw and same away goals, one extra match is been played. Choosing playing clubs: - Every round will be played with different clubs. - Difference between clubs will varied, from clear favorites to equal opponents. - No games will be played with top four clubs in the five biggest leagues (R Madrid, Barcelona, Man U, Man C, Milan, Inter...) - The first team will play with the first announced team. - The clubs, which the teams would play with, will be announced before every round. Playing match system: - It been played on 2vs2 system - Players will agree how the will play their game but before the time expire. - If one of the teams do not answer, they will lose the game by 3:0. - Every team must use all three players in-group phase. - Host is obliged to post screenshots of the match. - If connection breaks (ICB.) during the game next rules are applied: - Start the game from same minutes as the disconnect. Example if you disconnect in the 60 minute, and the standing is 3-0, you will play 30 minutes of a new match, and the result will be 3-0 plus the new result. Match example: SFM Team 1, Nikola, Stefan FMLive Team 1 Marko, Ivan 1st game: Nikola(Lyon) vs Marko(Villarreal) 3:1 Marko(Lyon) vs Nikola(Villarreal) 3:1 Result: Nikola-Marko 4:4 2nd game: Stefan(Lyon) vs Ivan(Villarreal) 1:0 Ivan(Lyon) vs Stefan(Villarreal) 0:0 Result: Stefan-Ivan 1:0 Total Score: SFM Team 1-FMLive Team 1 5:4 SFM Team 1- 3pts FMLive Team 1- 0pts *The rules is modified from the tournament on Sebian-FM from FM 2013

Medlem af Gadekærbanden!!!


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Nu spørger jeg måske dumt.. Men blev dette til noget?